Happy New Year and back to work!

The next blog will be from the ASHRAE DALLAS WINTER CONFERENCE, so get ready for 2GB of insights – meanwhile MY New Year’s Resolutions:

1.       Not to be A Grumpy President (N.B. lapses inMay)

2.       Never to suggest that the C in DCLG stands for Conservatories

3.       Never to use Lower Heating Value when talking to architects with an iPad loaded with Biomass Boiler pdf’s

4.       Keep Black Tie Dinner Drinking to within 1 unit a day (mental note: check whether a unit is just a bottle or could be a magnum once in a while)

5.       Remind the Mayor (e.g. next time we sit next to each other at the barbers) that London is supposed to be the capital city of something not just a global theme park…


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