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Lone Ranger…?

Why wasn’t your President in Davos as an Award Winning Global Thought Leader you must be asking yourself?   I was of course, instead in Dallas, at the ASHRAE Winter Conference . Where else? If Davos was as smart as it claims it would form a Swiss ASHRAE Chapter and cut the clash. I returned packed with new wisdom and quips, care of the opening session’s dynamic guest speaker Superbowler Rocky Bleier . Let’s start with: ‘The Steelers’ were a tough team from a tough city. You played them and you got beat real bad. The only problem was that they didn’t ever win. They never had a plan’ Isn’t the trip from the airport to an unfamiliar city something that frames your view for days? Empty dual carriageways and regimented palms and you would be heading towards a despot’s palace. Mass illegal housing and you are heading towards to ‘rapidly developing country’.   Uxbridge from the Piccadilly line versus the Shanghai Maglev (when it is working) – say no more.   For Dallas you get int