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Lone Ranger…?

Why wasn’t your President in Davos as an Award Winning Global Thought Leader you must be asking yourself?I was of course, instead in Dallas, at the ASHRAE Winter Conference. Where else? If Davos was as smart as it claims it would form a Swiss ASHRAE Chapter and cut the clash. I returned packed with new wisdom and quips, care of the opening session’s dynamic guest speaker Superbowler Rocky Bleier. Let’s start with:

‘The Steelers’ were a tough team from a tough city. You played them and you got beat real bad. The only problem was that they didn’t ever win. They never had a plan’
Isn’t the trip from the airport to an unfamiliar city something that frames your view for days? Empty dual carriageways and regimented palms and you would be heading towards a despot’s palace. Mass illegal housing and you are heading towards to ‘rapidly developing country’.Uxbridge from the Piccadilly line versus the Shanghai Maglev (when it is working) – say no more.For Dallas you get interstate junctions fl…