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The most unsustainable Olympics ever?

Another historic blog... First the Rio+20 Conference , last month plumbers discover the Higgs Boson .   This month the most unsustainable Olympics ever...? Blogs record what your President does – and for a fortnight I did nothing but sit and cheer and occasionally eat McDonald’s.   For fourteen days no one mentioned ‘iconic’, ‘sustainable’, ‘innovative’, and certainly not ‘affordable’.   Instead it was faster, heavier, further – measurable and real - a brilliant celebration of what it is like to be normal , focussed and to deliver.   This year’s President’s Prize for Normal Engineering goes to the Boardman bikes. I can now reveal, as a Presidential exclusive, how Lord Coe won those few extra medals beyond wildest expectations, through a brilliant three phase tactical feint of D-Day proportions.   You will only read it here. First phase - unleash the London Creatives at the very beginning. Remember the logo that looked like a cow-pat , a mascot that looked the survivor