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Rio+20, CIBSE Board Dinner and Justin Bieber...

As I noted in my Presidential Address , the ‘Rio+20’ sustainable development summit would be on my patch. Well it took place, squeezed between the Queen’s Jubilee, a G20 Summit and Euro2012. Not much, of course, happened. Bloomberg tells me ‘clean energy’ stocks dropped by 3% out of sentiment. But having once been involved in all this I should say something in its defence. That nothing happened was the point. ‘Rio+X’ has become an enormous trade show for the Corporate Responsibility Industry. We can hardly complain - we will have our trade show this October. But the original ‘UN Rio’ wrote so many over ambitious agendas because frankly there was not much else going on at the time. International quiescence is hardly how you would describe 2012. That, in the current global chaos, world leaders did reaffirm sets of intentions that they have not all delivered is still a relief. Of course it was a big opportunity missed etc. etc. and it further deflates the currency of ‘sustainable developm

End of first month as CIBSE President!

End of first month as CIBSE President! One AGM (thanks to all of you who emailed me thanking me for the Presidential address), one Board Away Day, one Board and a lot of extra emails. But what, asked a member of YEN after the AGM at Imperial, do you Presidents actually do?  The truth is that it is the President-Elect who has all the fun. When you are President-Elect you can say what you like, and you still get invited to lunch just in case you were going to do what you said. The President, weighed down by the Presidential gong, needs to focus on summing up wise Board decisions, and keeping an eye on the house keeping.   So what did we decide... As our first Board action Andy Ford has been sent off to set up a panel to look at diversity within our membership and industry.  Hard on his heals was the Report of the Government’s Panel on Fair Access to the Professions.  To me it is not a rather superficial report, not least because it bundles quite different ‘professions’ together, and ne