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A Changing Landscape

It’s been a busy couple of months since my inauguration as president at the CIBSE AGM in May. I have been working closely with the CIBSE board, staff and volunteers to make sure that the aims and actions we take are clear and effective. From right to left: CIBSE Vice President Kevin Kelly, Immediate Past President Peter Wong, President Elect Lynn Jack, President Stephen Lisk, Vice President Ashley Bateson and Vice President Stuart MacPherson at the CIBSE AGM In my inaugural address,  Adapt to Change,  I outlined some of the challenges facing our industry and wider society. The last few years have been tumultuous, with little sign of calmer seas ahead and I believe that with our collective experience and knowledge CIBSE must lead change as a globally recognised force for good. It is time to take stock and assess what we, as an institution and a profession are trying to achieve. In doing this, I believe we can gain a better understanding of how to maintain and grow our relevanc