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Energy Engineering Conscience

I have taken on the office of CIBSE Presidency for 2013-14 with eyes wide open to the opportunities, challenges and changes ahead for our institution. I accepted the Jewel of Office with pride on behalf of our industry, which I have tirelessly worked for now for over 35 years. During my year in office I will be continuing the President’s blog and I’d like to thank immediate Past President David Fisk for giving us such an entertaining year of posts.  Since taking over the helm I’ve already had the pleasure of numerous events, awards, presentations and meetings. Not being a practised blogger I had no doubt on how to approach the blog; ask my daughters what to do. Suitably embarrassed I concluded that I want to open up debate on some of the key issues that affect us and our industry, and their importance to human well being. So, over the coming months I’ll be introducing these themes and invite you to give your take on the month’s topic. Each week a guest blogger will have the o