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Happy New Year and back to work!

The next blog will be from the ASHRAE DALLAS WINTER CONFERENCE, so get ready for 2GB of insights – meanwhile MY New Year’s Resolutions:

1.Not to be A Grumpy President (N.B. lapses inMay)
2.Never to suggest that the C in DCLG stands for Conservatories
3.Never to use Lower Heating Value when talking to architects with an iPad loaded with Biomass Boiler pdf’s
4.Keep Black Tie Dinner Drinking to within 1 unit a day (mental note: check whether a unit is just a bottle or could be a magnum once in a while)
5.Remind the Mayor (e.g. next time we sit next to each other at the barbers) that London is supposed to be the capital city of something not just a global theme park…