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Given the importance of FMs in delivering energy efficiency, is it time for them to be Chartered?

I'd like to kick off 2014 looking at the role and importance of Facilities Management, particularly in dealing with the impacts of climate change. So I'm sharing an extract of an article I wrote on the subject, which originally appeared in FM Magazine We'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject, please do comment whether here or on LinkedIn. There's been fantastic debate taking place on social media in response to the blog subjects, thank you all for contributing. The built environment is hugely important to UK business and to our social requirements. Equally so are the essential reductions in carbon emissions required by the Government’s target of 80% within the next 36 years. Buildings affect people’s health, security, productivity and overall lifestyles. As they become increasingly complex and modern systems and operators become more focused on in-use performance levels, then building services engineers must play an important part in ensuring their efficient