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Trust me, I’m an engineer…?

A month in which your President played roulette in more ways than one and struck the bargain of the year with the Government. Justin Bieber lined up for next year’s Building Performance Awards ceremony (tbc) so book early to avoid disappointment. Apparently my list last month of uplifting aphorisms from the ASHRAE Winter Meeting were so valued there is a demand for more. What about President Obama in last month’s Inaugural: “ For history tells us that while these truths may be self-evident, [he’s quoting the Constitution ] they've never been self-executing .” …which brings me to being a panellist at the Edge Debate about ethics and a new professionalism at the Building Centre. Edge is a neat forum hosted by the professional institutions that dares to ask inconvenient questions. Last time I was up on the platform, at a debate on climate at 1 George Street, I think I overdid that question bit. I had been preceded by someone protesting that it was five minutes to midni