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Too much information

In this month's President's Blog,  CIBSE President John Field  takes a look back at two presentations delivered during the ASHRAE Winter Conference and at a CIBSE Scotland/SLL meeting, discussing  performance, big data and modelling. In the last few weeks, I've been lucky enough to see a series of fascinating presentations on performance, control, feedback, BIM and big data, so I'm going to go through two of them now. Alastair MacGregor, Vice President AECOM The first was by Alastair MacGregor, Vice President AECOM Los Angeles, at Tim Dwyer's excellent workshop during the ASHRAE Winter Conference. It concerned "third generation" sports arena design - in this case for the Sacramento Kings basketball team. T he first-generation was passive design supported by brute force plant, the second generation was design for peak demand and the third generation is performance driven.  Well the Sacramento arena has a capacity of 17,000 and they are al